VerSpanken Bumpy Water Wieners Inserts

  • Microwave safe and refrigerator friendly inserts for VerSpanken. WaterWieners are the ultimate accessory for your VerSpanken (VerSpanken sold separately). They will take your fun from a "10" to a "13" on the smile scale. The most unique and amazing feature is that they are microwave safe and refrigerator friendly. Slipping into a warm WaterWiener is like slipping into a warm bath. They can be warmed or chilled for your favorite thrill. As if temperature play isn't enough of a reason to add WaterWieners to your VerSpanken home entertainment system, they also provide a tighter fit and firmer feel than the FoamWieners included with your VerSpanken. With WaterWieners, the mix and match possibilities are endless. Try Warm AND chilled or Smooth AND wavy. Available in three interchangeable textures so you can mix and match to your favorite feel and temperature. It's a new experience every time and completely customizable because it's all about YOU! Made of 100% recyclable materials, WaterWieners, like all Big Teaze Toys, contain no latex, phthalates, lead or heavy metals. VerSpanken sold separately.
Review of the VerSpanken Bumpy from Big Tease Toys
Review of the VerSpanken Bumpy from Big Tease Toys
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Posted: 06-20-2013 04:51:12 PM
  • Kissinkarenblue reviews the VerSpanken Bumpy from Big Tease Toys.  These great units are the newest thing in male masturbation.  Sold seperately are the VerSpanken Waterwieners which can be inserted into the unit and allows the user to try different textures and hot and cold play.  Come check them out!!

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