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"New" Kiss Me Coupons"New" Love Coupons
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Price: $8.95
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31 Sexual Favors for Her31 Sexual Favors for Him
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Price: $10.95
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A favor he'll savor!
52 Sexual Positions Flash Cards52 Weeks of Romance Kit
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A Bed of Roses Kit - RedA Year of Kama Sutra Sex Tips - 52 Weeks
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Seduce your lover with a bed of roses!
A Year of Good Sex
Basket of LoveBedroom Bucks - For All Acts Private & Naughty
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Pick up the Basket of Love
You've got to pay to play!
Behind Closed DoorsBlazin' Bitch Pheromone Soy Massage Candle - 4 oz Black Cherry
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Price: $10.95
Everyone's a winner in this sexy board game made for two.
First it's a candle, then it's a massage oil!