Rock Box - Incredibly Powerful Orgasm Machine

Less of a sex toy, more of a power tool, the Rock Box is probably the world's most powerful sex toy that can be used by him AND her! ROCK BOX is a body-quaking, bone-shaking vibrator that gets you going like no other sex toy can.


Plugging directly into the wall, the ROCK BOX needs no charging and is always ready to go when you are! A 16 foot electrical cord offers total flexibility and movement anywhere you want to play! The powerful 5,000 RPM motor is deeply resonant, shaking you 5 times harder than your average washing machine spin cycle. With the simple turn of a wheel ROCK BOX offers SIX power settings that take you from “Here we go” to 'OMG WTF!?!' in just seconds.


Each ROCK BOX is accessorized with two attachments - one for him and one for her!


  • · Her attachment is a large, firm tongue that extends directly out of the Rock Box vibrator unit. Add a bit of lubricant to the attachment and enjoy its sensational skills under the command of the fantastically-powerful motor. If you find the feeling too intense, try using Rock Box over your clothes... it's just as thrilling that way, too. The tongue is shaped to offer precise clitoral stimulation but is just as pleasurable for G-spot stimulation. Start off slow and build yourself up to the orgasm of a lifetime.


  • · His attachment is unlike any other male sex toy you've ever seen. Designed to tease the underside of the penis, add your favorite lubricant and indulge in waves of undulating pleasure as the deep ridges of the attachment transmit the super-powerful speeds of vibration. Gradually increase the speed setting to number 3 over the course of a few minutes and complete your orgasm by placing the Rock Box over the tip of your penis. Try using the Rock Box over your clothes at first until you think you're ready to experience its full-blown intensity!


How to Use Rock Box

  • · Connect your choice of attachment
  • · Ensure the power switch is off and connect the power cable to your power source and the toy
  • · Switch on at the lowest setting and hold it against your sexy parts (or your partners)
  • · Adjust the power to suit your desires
  • · ENJOY!



  • Not water resistant
  • 120V AC
  • Womens Attachment
  • Item Length - 3.75"
  • Item Height - 3"
  • Item Width - 1.5"
  • Diameter at widest part - 1.4"
  • Diameter at smallest part - .47"
  • Insertable Length - 2"
  • Mens Attachment
  • Item Length - 3.875"
  • Item Height - .75"
  • Item Width - 1.5"
  • Type of Packaging - Boxed
  • Length of Packaged Item - 8.25"
  • Height of Packaged Item - 6.625"
  • Width of Packaged Item - 5.875"
  • Weight of Packaged Item - 3lbs 5.6oz

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Rock Box Review
Rock Box Review
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Posted: 03-06-2012 11:19:00 PM
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  • Miss Kay reviews the Rock Box Vibrator.  The Rock Box is designed to deliver the most powerful vibrations you've ever felt too exactly where you want to feel them most. With twin adapters designed for men and women, everyone should get ready to rock, like, now! The 5,000 RPM motor inside Rock Box is so powerful that the Rock Box can be used over your clothing. You might even like it better this way! Rock Box is mega easy-to-use. Simply slide an adapter on to the Rock Box, plug it into the mains and you're ready to rock.

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