Lovers Lotto Scratch Ticket Game - Pack of 12 Cards

We all dream of winning the lottery, but for most of us, itís just not going to happen. However, thereís one game you can play where youíre totally guaranteed to win the jackpot. And the jackpot is your lover! The Loverís Lotto adult sex game features 12 scratch-off lotto cards with a winnerís reward every single time. Just scratch to discover where, when and how to collect your prize again and again. Feeling lucky?
Manufacturer ID500200

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Decent Cards
Posted by Miss Kay on 02/11/11
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These little Lotto cards are decent little cards. There is "Where", "When", and "What"; section, and the cards are very easy to scratch off to find the answers. Most of these are intended to be scratched off into advance since they require a bit of forethought. Some of the options are a bit silly though like when it says "Where"; like "On the Neighbor's Lawn". I think that might make your neighbor wonder what's going on. There are 12 different cards, and with three options for each one, you can get 36 different uses out of these cards.