LELO Luna Beads - Pink & Blue

Combine pleasure and sexual health! LELO Luna Pleasure Bead System consists of a silicone girdle and four weighted beads. The two pink beads weigh 28 grams and the two blue beads weigh 37 grams. Used for daily Kegel exercises, the Luna bead system can help strengthen and tighten the muscles of the vagina.
Manufacturer ID0305 Luna Pink
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Miss Kay reviews the LELO Luna Beads
Miss Kay reviews the LELO Luna Beads
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Posted: 09-11-2010 02:34:33 PM
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Who says exercise can't be fun? Miss Kay talks about the Lelo Luna balls and their use as a vaginal exercisor.

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Awesome pelvic floor exercisor!
Posted by Amber on 04/04/11
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These beads are wonderful, I've recommended them to just about every woman that I know. The quality of the ABS plastic and the silicone sling makes these beads a luxurious alternative to basic ben wa balls. The different beads offer separate weight, so you can start with one and more onto the next one, or use both of the same weight. The balls are seamless and easy to clean, and these beads work nicely with water-based lube. I suggest inserting them in a "buttoning a shirt" method. Press the bead against one side of your vaginal opening as you press upward, and it will insert much easier. Comfortable to wear and a great way to exercise and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.