Prostate Massagers

Prostate Massagers
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Posted: 05-25-2012 06:23:24 PM
  • In this section we discuss prostate massagers and their use. 

  • Prostate sex toys are anal toys especially designed for men that are designed to hit the prostate. The prostate can also be called the “p-spot” as it’s close to the male equivalent to the g-spot. These sex toys feature a curved point towards the tip of the sex toy as well as a base of some sort to make the sex toy anally safe.


  • Prostate sex toys are really in two main categories: there are toys like the Aneros and Nexus line that require patience after inserting them to use the inner muscles to control the toy, and there are also toys like the LELO Billy which are sex toys with a specific prostate curve designed to be thrusted and pushed like a regular sex toy up against the prostate. Depending on your masturbation preference, one type of sex toy may be better for you than others.


  • Prostate sex toys, while designed for men to hit the prostate, can also be used anally by females. If a design appeals to you, don’t think you can’t use it just because it is intended for males. Both males and females can use prostate toys anally.


  • When purchasing a prostate massager, there are some considerations you should keep in mind:


  • Do you have the patience for this masturbation method? While some men will sing the praises for prostate massagers from the rooftops, others find that prostate massagers are a bit of a disappointment. This is usually because most high-end prostate massagers aren’t stick-it-in-and-go type of sex toys. Instead, most high-end prostate sex toys such as Aneros or Nexus require inserting the toy, relaxing with it, and using the inner muscles to move the toy to hit the prostate. If this doesn’t interest you, you’ll want to look out for a toy that functions best with thrusting.


  • Would you like it to vibrate? Some, but not most, prostate massagers also vibrate. Many users find that the vibrations help relax the body, and they can also feel pleasurable when pressed up against the prostate. Some prostate sex toys will include multiple levels of vibration while others may just include one level of vibration. Depending on your preference, seek out a sex toy that vibrates, vibrates at one speed, or vibrates at many speeds to choose from.


  • Do you enjoy electrostimulation? The Nexus line of prostate sex toys is unique in the fact that it includes some sex toys that can be used with electrostimulation. Only the Nexus Glide, Nexus Neo, Nexus Titus, Nexus Excel, and Nexus Vibro are compatible with their e-stimulation device, so if electrical stimulation is something you want to try, these toys may take a preference for you.


  • Do you have a preference on the base? Bases come a wide variety of shapes and designs. However, with prostate massagers, most of the bases are going to be long and slender and fit comfortably between the cheeks with the top tip of the base pointing towards the base of your spine. However, some of the bases are going to include a finger loop which will allow you to easily grip your prostate sex toy while other bases will include a perineum roller ball which is intended to roll up against the perineum to add more sensation. Yet other bases may just be flat bases designed to keep the sex toy from slipping into the butt. If you have a preference on your sex toy base in mind, make sure to look for toys that match that base.