Basics of Anal Toys

Basics of Anal Toys
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Posted: 05-25-2012 05:58:42 PM
  • In this section we talk about the basics of anal toys. 

  • Anal sex toys are adult toys that are especially designed for use in the anus. While anal toys vary in size and shape, each anal toy includes a flared base that is larger than the sex toy itself to keep the toy from being pulled into the butt. Anal toys vary in size and function, but all are designed to help stimulate for the many nerves that can be found in the anal area.


  • The anal area is full of many nerves, and many people find that toys and vibrations in the butt can be extremely pleasurable. However, be aware that, unlike the vagina, the anus does not lubricate itself. This means that you should pick up a lot of your favorite lubricant and make sure to lubricate yourself and the toy before using it. The most important aspect of having pleasurable anal sex is to make sure to take things slowly and make sure plenty of lubrication is used.


  • Not all manufacturers produce anal-safe anal toys. When searching out any toy that you’d like to use anally, make sure that the base of the anal toy is wider than the diameter of the toy itself. This is to make sure that the anal toy doesn’t get pulled into the butt. Unlike the vagina, the butt doesn’t have an “end point” near where your hands could reach, so if a toy gets pulled up where you cannot reach it, you may need a medical professional to remove the item for you. To save you a trip to the hospital and the embarrassment, make sure that all of your sex toys are anal-safe right from the get-go.


  • With the different pleasures that the anal area can provide, many types of anal toys have been designed. There are anal plugs intended to be placed in the anus and left, anal vibrators that vibrate along with sliding into the anus, anal beads which replicate a pleasurable sensation over and over, and prostate massagers which massage the male equivalent of the g-spot. With all of those different, pleasurable toys to explore, it’s a matter of finding what works best for you. Make sure to enjoy the journey to find your perfect anal toy!