Anal Vibrators

Anal Vibrators
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Posted: 05-25-2012 06:42:48 PM
  • In this section we talk about anal vibrators. 

  • An anal vibrator is a vibrating sex toy that is specifically designed for anal use. Vibrations tend to relax the anal muscles, so vibrating sex toys can help prepare the butt for something larger, and they just can feel pleasurable as well!


  • As one of the main facets of being an anal sex toy is having a flared base or large base that keeps the toy from slipping in, most safe anal vibrators feature a base that keeps the toy from being a straight shaft. Most vaginal and clitoral vibrators do not have this. When seeking out an anal vibrator, make sure that your potential choices include some sort of a large, flared base that will keep the toy from going in farther than it’s supposed to.


  • When purchasing anal vibrators, there are some considerations you should contemplate while deciding on a sex toy:


  • Would you prefer a remote? Some anal vibrators include a cord that runs out from the base of the toy and will attach to a remote. This remote is what will control the vibrator’s intensities and speeds. As it can be hard to contour yourself to be able to control an anal vibrator while attempting to use it, many people enjoy the remote. However, other people find the remote to be a hassle, and if you plan on wearing your anal vibrator out in public, the remote may get in the way. Depending on your preferences, the remote may or may not be something that works for you.


  • What power source would you like? Anal vibrators have a wide variety of power sources. Some will use AA batteries while others will use AAA batteries. Others yet may be rechargeable which allows them to be recharged like a cell phone. A few anal vibrators use watch batteries as they use small bullet vibrators which slide into the inside of the center of them. Depending on your need for discretion, where you plan to take this vibrator, or what batteries you normally keep in your home, you may have a preference towards one power source more than another.


  • What shape would you like? Shapes of anal vibrators tend to vary very widely. This is because many other types of anal toys or vibrators are especially designed to vibrate. This means that you can find anal plugs that vibrate, anal beads that vibrate, slimline toys that vibrate, prostate toys that vibrate, and many others. For thrusting, seek out a dildo-looking anal toy that includes a flared base. For long-term wear or vibrating wear while out-and-about, seek out a butt plug design. Depending on your toy preference, you’ll want to find a shape for your anal vibrator that hits the spots you want.