PicoBong Honi by LELO review

PicoBong Honi by LELO review
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Posted: 11-06-2011 05:23:13 PM
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  • Amber reviews the new PicoBong Honi from LELO.  PicoBong toys are made with the highest levels of quality and safety in mind, which is why we only use body-safe, FDA approved silicone and ABS plastic. Not only are PicoBong toys easy to clean, but they are also ideal accessories for the bath, shower, or swimming pool. 




  • LELO’s new brand of battery operated sex toys called PicoBong caught my eye as soon as it became available, and after trying the PicoBong Mahana, I definitely wanted to try more from the line. The PicoBong Honi is a cute little egg vibe, made of body-safe ABS plastic and quality silicone. The toy features a retrieval cord on the plastic end cap, and the toy’s body is sleek and smooth and features a matte silicone surface. The toy comes in a beautiful Blue, Pink, or Black. I love that the PicoBong line has pretty turquoise blue colored toys, as it’s my favorite color. The pretty blue color looks like the turquoise silicone on LELO’s main line G-spot vibe Gigi. This egg vibe requires 1 AA battery, that can be inserted/removed by twisting off the endcap at the top of the toy. There is also a small engraved PicoBong logo on the shaft of the egg…I’ll explain more on that in a moment. This toy literally its in the palm of your hand, and it’s pretty discreet and can easily fit in a purse or overnight bag. It also comes with a user manual, and a little PicoBong dice that can be used for whatever you’d like, packaged in a matching colored cardboard box.
































  • Honi should be used with a water-based lubricant, and thought it features a screw-off endcap, when completely screwed on the toy is meant to be waterproof, and can be used in the tub or shower. To clean this little egg vibe, a toy wipe comes in handy, though you can use anti-bacterial soap and water, a 90% water to 10% alcohol solution, or your favorite sex toy cleanser. You don’t have to worry about getting moisture into the control buttons because they’re seamless! Just simply press the two small user buttons…so, where *are* the buttons? Cleverly designed right into the PicoBong logo on the toy! Cool huh? I love that! The – button is in the P in Pico, and the + button is in the B in Bong. So fun and playful and a really cute way to incorporate a discreet control button interface. You can easily turn the toy on, off, or browse through the 12 vibration modes with just a click of a finger! The vibration modes range from a rumbling roll to short pulses and long pulses. Very similar to the regular LELO line’s vibration settings, and the speeds go from a light tickle to a nice moderate buzz. This toy isn’t super powerful, but it’s definitely enough to get me off, and the sleek discreet design and easy to use buttons makes this toy a keeper in my book. I love that you can get LELO quality toys at a fraction of the cost with the PicoBong line. This toy is very lightweight, and works up to 2 hours depending what speed setting you use it on. I like it on full power, and usually go for the standard full vibration, but like the ease of press the buttons to go to the rolling patterns that resonate nicely. This egg is nice on the nipples, clit, traced over the entire vulva, and can even use used vaginally, thats why theres the handy little retrieval cord. This toy isn’t meant for anal insertion, as the toy is very small, has no flared base, and the retrieval cord will not work if you lose the toy inside your ass, so keep that in mind.


  • I actually really like this little vibe! I’ve used some egg vibes in the past that were super powerful, but they’re usually metallic plastic colored eggs of have a cheaper looking design, so with the Honi you get a really cute design, with an easy to use interface and a modern design. The vibration intensity isn’t as strong and some of the cheaper looking bullet/egg vibes I’ve tried in the past, but Honi just feels more quality and I feel better using it because I trust the quality of LELO’s materials. This egg vibe is also a lot quieter than most other egg vibes, and it’s also waterproof while most other egg vibes aren’t.
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lonebambina11-07-2011 08:36:31 PM
Great review! I also love my Honi, the lower vibrations are awesome for all-over tickling and teasing too. I also love that it's so discreet. I used it on the subway the other day LOL.

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