Foreplay Game

This is Foreplay a game where you and your lover both win by gaining new insight into each other through a romantic interlude. ForePlay is a game that opens the doors to intimate and revealing discussions between you and your lover to revitalize your love life.
During the Game:
Share and explore each other's thoughts and feelings:
"What taste do you find erotic?"
"How do you feel when your lover says 'no'?"
"Explain how oral sex should be performed on you?"
At Game's End: Your body is being caressed. Relax as a fragrant oil is lightly massaged onto thighs. Indulge. Pamper yourself. Pamper your partner.

How to Play ForePlay Overview:ForePlay contains a game board, key question cards, heart cards, a die and two playing pieces. Players alternate rolling the die, moving their game piece, picking a key or heart card and either following the instructions on the key card until the end of the game or keeping the heart cards you have accumulated. Complete instructions included in the game.

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