Bwarm Candle - Rose Patchouli

Melt into each other! The Bwarm Candle is made with the highest quality natural cosmetic-grade waxes and other plant extracts. Once liquefied, the candle transforms into a slow absorption, high-slip massage balm that nourishes and hydrates the skin. 1.84 ounce candle has an approximate burn time of 10 hours and comes in an easy-pour container. Share the warmth!
Manufacturer IDbwarm rose patcho

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Amazing Candle
Posted by Miss Kay on 02/11/11
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Can I say that this is one of my favorite massage candles? It burns with an amazingly sexy scent, and it works great as massage oil. The oil really slicks up the skin and doesn't get slick at all. Along with that, the little pour spout works great, and you'll never make too much of a mess with the wax. It also doesn't burn the skin at all after being poured which makes it perfect for massages. I love this candle!