Anything for You

  • How Far Will You Go for the One You Love?


  • Whether you are a BDSM aficionado or a novice newly discovering the joys of tying up your lover, Anything for You will unravel a world of obsessive passion, the kind that lies just beneath the skin.


  • In Janine Ashbless's "Teppanyaki," two couples share a lovely meal and each other, while one man's initation into bondage begins as a three-way and ends with another surprise in "Apple Blossoms," by Emerald. Kathleen Tudor's dominant exerts strict control from many miles away and demands total obedience before granting one lucky sub's ultimate reward in "Notes from Her Master."


  • Kink is the stuff of fantasy for many but true happiness is discovering what makes your partner tick. In this case, it might well be the tickle of rope on naked skin or a firm paddling.

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