Aloe Cadabra Organic Lubricant - 2.5 oz Bottle

Nice and natural! Aloe Cadabra Organic Lubricant is an all-natural personal lubricant for intimate pleasures that is made with more than 97 percent organic aloe vera. In addition to being a lubricant, Aloe Cadabra also acts as a protectant for exposed nerve endings, protects against infection and acts as an anti-inflammatory that will soothe the skin. For those of us trying to do our part for the environment, Aloe Cadabra is the perfect eco-friendly option. Product comes in 2.5 oz. bottle.

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Natural, long lasting, and works great with toys!
Posted by Amber on 04/04/11
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I really like this lubricant for the thicker formula, it's similar to a gel, and it stays in place nicely and I've found it to be pretty longlasting. It's made with aloe too, which can be healing and soothing to the skin. It's made of quality ingredients and doesn't contain parabens. It works nicely with toys, and you can use it on glass, silicone, steel, and plastic toys. It's long lasting for toy use, in my opinion, and I like that it's eco-friendly and doesn't contain icky chemicals or skin irritants.