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Wickedly Sensual Heating Massage Potion in 9 flavorsAutomatic Rock Hard Penis Pump
Price: $17.95
Price: $45.95
  • Wicked, Sensual, and Heat.  The name kind of says it all.  Why not add some heat to your together time?
  • We want to pump you up!!  Get a longer and thicker erection! 
Bad Boy Prostate Massager - blackCyberskin Intimates Virtual Heartthrob - light
Price: $52.95
Regular Price: $59.95 12% OFF
Price: $97.95
  • Men, don't be shy about prostate play, it can give extremely intense orgasms!  This unit combines prostate and perineum stimulation!  Come on, try it. 
Need a playmate?
Going Down BookHot chocolate
Price: $15.95
Price: $16.95
Let's face it, you have less time with the equipment than he does. Shouldn't you know how to use it like an expert? Show your man who is boss and blow his mind with your new going down techniques.
  • Get a game to heat up your romance.  Hot chocolate will take your appetite for romance to new levels.
iRideJack Rabbit Vibrator w/Floating Beads Waterproof - Red
Price: $75.00
Regular Price: $92.95 19% OFF
Price: $47.95
These little units are amazing. Whether you are into vaginal/clitoral or anal, with this toy you can ride your way to ecstacy!
  • A best seller, this classic rabbit vibrator is crafted to please you.  Isn't it nice to know you always have an ol faithful. 
Little Su TulipNexus Ridge Rider - purple
Price: $64.95
Price: $87.95
Give your flower some power. 2 seperate motors to stimulate your internal and external spots all at the same time.
What a ride! Dual sensations stimulate your G Spot. Doesn't your G Spot deserve the best?
Njoy Fun WandNobessence Intrigue
Price: $95.00
Price: $125.95
  • This beautiful unit is flexible or all kinds of play...solo or together....g spot, anal, you name it.  It is unsually very hard to find a unit that does it all. 
  • We love an intrigue!  Nobessence is known for their wooden sculptures that hit the right spot.  If you want to know what the experts lust for, this is it, but you do not need to be an expert to enjoy it.