We-Vibe Touch review

We-Vibe Touch review
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Posted: 04-04-2011 01:28:39 PM
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  • Amber St Clare reviews the We Vibe Touch. The We-Vibe Touch features a rounded tip for ultra-thrilling direct contact, and a unique pleasure wave shape that gently caresses. It's the ultimate gift of intimate pleasure - share it with your partner or enjoy it alone! Powerful, waterproof, rechargeable and long-lasting, the We-Vibe Touch delivers a range of thrilling vibration modes and power levels to satisfy your every desire. With up to 2 hours of play on a single charge, plus rapid recharge, it's always ready when you are! Made from 100% medical grade silicone, includes long-lasting rechargeable battery. 100 x 45 x 30 mm (4" x 1.8" x 1.2"). Ruby.



We Vibe Touch



  • We-Vibe just released a line of cute mini vibes that are colorful and discreet. I recently got to review the We-Vibe Touch, which is a pretty silicone vibe meant for clitoral stimulation. It comes packaged in a fold out box that features the We-Vibe logo and a photo of the toy, mine was the Ruby color, which is a deep red color. The toy is waterproof, and made of 100% body safe material, with the body of the toy being smooth sleek silicone. Though the toy is pliable and bendable, the silicone has a bit of a shiny plastic feeling, much like that of the original We-Vibe toy, it’s not velvety like some other silicone toys, this type of silicone on the toy offers an interesting sensation and I thought it offered a fun added bit of friction since the silicone doesn’t feel brushed. The silicone is smooth to the touch and bends easily. It fits in the palm of a hand, and is very discreet looking. The vibe is rechargeable, and comes with a charger and a small white charging port. The port connects to the toy magnetically and charges the toy, so that the vibe truly is 100% waterproof and you don’t need to worry about getting water into the charging port because there is *no* open port to connect to, it’s all magnetic.



We Vibe Touch



  • You can see the toy magnetically connected to the white charging port in the photo above. You plug the ac adapter charger into the charging port and then the toy charges. One charge takes around 90 minutes, and it provides up to 2 hours of play time use, depending on what settings you use the vibe on. The tip of the toy offers pin-point stimulation to the clit, and the body can be held against the entire vulva. The top of the toy is smooth with the We-Vibe logo, and the bottom of the toy offers a scooped contoured shape, with a pointed end. The other end of the toy is the user button. To turn the toy on, you press the center button once, then continue to press it as it goes through different vibration intensities and vibration patterns. Even on the highest setting the toy is pretty quiet, so you can’t hear the toy through a closed door. The vibe offers a steady vibration pattern, as well as a quick fluttering pattern, a thumping pattern, and more. It ranges from a light vibration to a nice steady vibration speed that is pretty decent for the size of the toy. However, this toy isn’t meant for firm pressing. If you press the toy too firmly against your clit it definitely muffles and slows down the vibration. So this is a toy meant for light use against the clit and vulva, rather than firm pressing or grinding. This toy works really nicely with water-based lube, the lube glides nicely over the type of silicone finish that the We-Vibe Touch has.




We Vibe Touch



  • You can see the scooped body of the toy, the tip, and the control button in the photo above. The two small silver dots are where the charging port connects to the toy. To clean the toy, you can use anti-bacterial soap and water, or your favorite sex toy cleanser. A sex toy wipe would be adequate to get the job done also. Since the toy is waterproof, it can be used in a variety of ways. In the shower, in a hot tub, in the bathtub, in a pool, etc. Wherever you like! I tried this vibe out while in the shower and it was great! Using it under the spray of the water was great, and my body being wet made the toy glide against my skin very nicely. I like the feel of the Touch’s silicone, it’s different than most of my other silicone vibes, and closer to the type of silicone that my dildos are usually made of rather than the buttery brushed feeling of most silicone vibes. I thought it offered a nice touch during clitoral play. You can also use this toy with a partner, massage it against your man’s genitals, balls, and perineum. Or hold it against your clit while your man enters your pussy. It can also fit between two bodies nicely so that two females could hold it between them. So it really works in a variety of ways and different scenarios.




We Vibe Touch



  • You can see the top of the toy in the photo above. This is the part that fits in the palm of your hand so you can glide and tease the tip of the toy against your clit. Since the body of the toy is silicone be sure not to use it with a silicone lube, as this can ruin the material of the silicone. I tested out the settings of the toy and was pretty pleased. First off, I like the ease of charging the toy, it’s simple and doesn’t take much time. I also like being able to wash the toy without having to worry about getting water into the toy’s seams or buttons. I like the feel of the silicone, and I like the contoured shape of the toy which fits so nice against the female anatomy. The vibrations are nice and resonate rather than being pitchy or buzzy, and the toy is easy to control and change settings with just a click of the button. I liked using the toy on it’s highest setting on a steady vibration, it made for a really nice orgasm. The toy is small enough that you can even use the toy while you use an internal toy as well. You could pair this toy with an nJoy Pure Wand, a glass dildo, or any other internal toy that you like. I like all of the functions that this toy boasts, and I especially like the price. For the quality of the toy, the silicone material, the waterproof and rechargeable design, toys of this type generally go for upwards of $100.
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