Tenga Flip Hole - Black

Utilizing the pioneering flip-style technology, intricate details were realized on the Tenga Flip Hole. Easy to wash and easy to dry for hygienic use. Full of new features such as the Floating Pad and Vacuum Pump, to enhance your sensation at your finger-tips. Economically friendly _ re-usable up to 50 times. With an additional three different types of lotion, you can choose your own experience. 85x68x175mm.
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Geek Chic
Posted by the bedroom blogger on 07/11/11
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I'm always more excited about the things that I pick up for the boyfriend to jerk off with than he is. He's pretty happy with his hand. But when I handed him the Flip Hole, I could tell he was just a little bit pumped. I mean...look at it. It's so cool! It looks so cool and modern and high tech...the super geek boyfriend was in love. And then he fucked it.

And he's still in love. This thing is just as awesome as I wanted it to be. It has such interesting textures. You can customize where and how much pressure is on your penis. It doesn't try to feel like a pussy, but that's okay, because it feels like awesomesauce. And it is super easy to clean. Because it flips open, it's so simple to just rinse/wash it out and place it on the stand to dry.