Sex Shakers Adult Dice Game Review

Sex Shakers Adult Dice Game Review
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Posted: 06-21-2012 08:23:38 PM
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  • Miss Kay reviews the Sex Shakers Adult Dice Game.  You and your lover each take a shaker and shake it. The silver shaker has the action and the gold shaker has the body part. Whomever's color is rolled receives the action from the other player. Continue shaking up your sex life until you are both ready for some wild and passionate sex!

Sex Shakers Adult Dice Game The packaging for the Sex Shakers Adult Dice Game


  • The Sex Shakers Dice game is an adult game with two dice. It is a spin-off version of the “sex dice” type of game that many people have seen with two dice that include foreplay ideas on them. In this case, the two dice come in little plastic shaker containers with the rules for the game contained on the back.


  • The packaging for the Sex Shakers is surprisingly frustrating. It’s that type of packaging that has the very intense, sealed edges on it. I can never, ever get those open! Ever. So some scissors and shredding later, I had the package open. So if you have problems with those packages, keep that in mind before you purchase as you’ll not want to ruin the moment having to take them out. The packaging will most likely get shredded when you open it, so don’t plan on storing your new Sex Shakers in the original packaging.


Sex Shakers Adult Dice Game Showing the Sex Shakers Adult Dice Game


  • The game is meant for two players. You should just use the shakers and make up your own rules, but if you follow the rules that are provided with the Sex Shakers, there’s really no way to make it multiplayer unless you get more shakers. If you want to make-up your own rules and run with the shakers, though, you can use more than two players.


  • The game is pretty simple, and you’ll be playing it within seconds after reading the description. Each player takes one of the two shakers. You then shake your shakers. One shaker has a dice that has body part names in it while the other shaker has names of actions in it. You then just put the two together and just do them to one of the partners. That’s it! There’s really no winning or losing, and the game is supposed to continue until you two decide that’s enough foreplay.


  • I was actually a bit surprised to find that the Sex Shakers don’t actually open. Once I got used to it, I actually prefer it this way. That way, the dice isn’t going all over and having to be fetched and the shakers themselves are much larger than regular dice and much easier to use. The dice stay in the little cups, and since the cups are designed well, the dice end up rolling really nicely inside the shakers and they usually end up displaying only one side of the dice for easy use of the die. The cups have flat bottoms and easily sit up on a table or desk when not in use, and if you want, they easily lay on their sides on a bed or surface without rolling away as well. The shaker cups with dice are very well-designed.


Sex Shakers Adult Dice Game How the options show up


  • I can’t say that the die themselves will for-sure spice up your sex life again and again, though. As they are just your basic sex dice, there are only so many possibilities that the dice can provide to you for what to do. If you are struggling in the creativity department but still only want to do some basic foreplay moves like kissing and licking, the dice can certainly work well. If you want to add something a bit kinkier like only using the “body part” dice and choosing that place to put chocolate syrup, that works too. However, don’t expect the sex dice to be the be-all, end-all revolution for your sex life. They won’t be. But they do provide some creative ways to enjoy your partner’s body.


  • Some of the “body part” options include: Inner Elbow, Lips, Navel, Nose, and more. Some of the “verb” options include: Tickle, Blow On, Rub, Lick, and more.


  • One suggestion I could see is to have the caps of the “Sex Shakers” actually screw off to allow you to interchange dice in and out. This way, you could have more dice with different body part and action offerings, and this could help keep the game fun and enjoyable for a longer period of time. As it is, though, you really won’t want to continue to use the Sex Shakers again and again as the foreplay suggestions will get a bit old.


  • Overall, I love the concept and I love their follow-through with the Sex Shakers. They did a fantastic job of spicing up the old and traditional idea of sex dice and making it even easier to use. I can’t get it my full love, though, because the lack of a way to switch out the dice will mean that the suggestions do get old pretty quickly
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