Review of the VerSpanken Bumpy from Big Tease Toys

Review of the VerSpanken Bumpy from Big Tease Toys
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Posted: 06-20-2013 04:51:12 PM
  • Kissinkarenblue reviews the VerSpanken Bumpy from Big Tease Toys.  These great units are the newest thing in male masturbation.  Sold seperately are the VerSpanken Waterwieners which can be inserted into the unit and allows the user to try different textures and hot and cold play.  Come check them out!!

  • I got my hands on a new VerSpanken Bumpy from FunWares for review. The VerSpanken is the brain child of Big Teaze Toys. Big Teaze Toys are a true novelty company with such toys as the I rub my duckie, which is much more form than function. I imagined the VerSpanken would be like the duckies and just nice to look at, I was wrong. The VerSpanken is an excellent stroker, with both form and functionality.

  • Materials: PP (Polypropylene) Base & TPR foam wieners
  • Dimensions: 9" x 4"




  • The VerSpanken is a very unique stroker. The toy is actually 3 pieces. The black base and two removable foam wieners. The foam wieners attach to the black base and it snaps shut. This makes the VerSpanken a closed stroker with plenty of texture and pressure. The foam wieners are made of TPR and they are very squishy. They are only foam in name, they are opaque and not the same as the water wieners that can be used with this base, but I get ahead of myself. There are three textures available: smooth, bumpy, and waves. The one Miguel choose to review is the bumpy. This product is unique looking and has a very appealing price point.



  • The pieces of the VerSpanken come apart easily enough, but not so easily that they will dislodge during use. The foam wieners are a bit tacky and have a slight smell to them, like any TPR toy. The smell goes away after a wash or two. The TPR will attract dust and lint if it is left out, so keep this toy off the carpet. The good news is that it is easy to clean with soap and water or a sex toy cleaner. Remove the wieners and wash them, then air dry or dry them with a towel and insert back into the base. There is no motor to worry about and no powder that needs to be added to keep this toy "fresh".




  • The nubs that hold the foam wieners in place are as squishy as the foam wieners themselves. This makes them easy to squeeze back into place. It took me about 30 seconds to take this thing apart and put back together. It was easy.



  • To use VerSpanken just add some water or silicone based lubrication and stroke. Miguel says it feels better than any stroker he has used before. The pressure that the base provides is more than enough to make this toy pleasurable. The bumpy texture on this device added a lot to this stroker. For extra stimulation, Big Teaze Toys also makes water wieners which can be purchased separately. They also come in bumpy, smooth, or wavy. The water wieners can be chilled or heated using warm water or the refrigerator. The foam wieners cannot be chilled or heated. The foam wieners are what comes with the device when you buy it, the water wieners are all sold in sets separately.




  • The best part for me was watching him use this toy. I could tell he enjoyed it very much. The Verspanken is easy to hold on to. I found that using this on him was easy. I love this toy. In use, this toy was easy to control. There are lots of techniques that can be used for a different sensations. I keep this toy in the plastic bag it came it. The VerSpanken can also be stored in the box it came in. The box is a bit large and not discreet, but like all Big Teaze Toys it is fun to look at.



  • It doesn't really look like a sex toy, but I can't imagine what else it could possibly be used for. I just wouldn't leave it out. It will only raise questions you probably don't want to try to answer.


  • Big Teaze Toys made damned sure that whoever buys this toy will know how to use, clean, and care for this toy. The paper insert with instructions came in 4 different languages. It opens up to a big poster sized page and is complete with illustrations. There should be no confusion... at all... period... you even got pictures to show you how to use it! This toy is made for men, so go figure.




  • I think this product is a big win for Big Teaze Toys. It is brilliant! I highly recommend this product. It is inexpensive, easy to use, easy to care for, fun, and offers unique sensations for the user.


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