Lovers Collection Sensual Desires Kit Review

Lovers Collection Sensual Desires Kit Review
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Posted: 12-29-2010 09:06:45 PM
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  • SexynCute reviews the Lovers Collection Sensual Desires Kit. The Lover's Collection Romantic Pleasures Kit is a more affordable way to tease, tempt, and tantalize and comes complete with the Wild Fire Personal Massager (with battery), Art D'Amour Body Frosting Tattoo Set, Couple's Erotic Vibrating Ring, Liquid Ecstasy Lubricant, Silky Temptation Eye Mask, and four Durex Condoms in an elegant black satin travel pouch.


  • I recently chose the Sensual desires lovers kit as one of my products to review. The kit comes in a nice purple and black box, inside of the box contains a satin drawstring bag, and inside the bag contained a lot of nice items.


  • What’s in the bag?


  • Box of 4 Durex latex condoms- You get 2 lubricated natural feel condoms, 1 studded and lubricated, and 1 ultra thin extra sensitive condom.


  • Box of 1 vibrating pleasure ring. It’s the screaming “O” brand one time disposable vibrating ring pleasure knobs. This product is made out of soft SEBS silicone material. When we used this cock ring it exceeded more than 45 minutes.


  • Eye mask – This silk eye mask is the perfect way to seduce the lover in your life. Place this over your partners eyes and lead the way into a night of seduction and intimacy, it is the perfect gift set.


  • Chocolate body frosting – This sweet indulgance of sweet sinful chocolate delight. This is perfect for that sexual sweet tooth.


  • Ingredients – Water, White Sugar, Brown Sugar, Dutch Cocoa Powder, Whey Protein, Non Fat Milk, Natural Flavors. Refrigerate after opening. No Preservatives.


  • Included with this frosting was a paint brush and stencils. The stencils have various sayings and symbols to help heighten you sexual urges of foreplay. This chocolate will help with your sexual cravings with licking and tasting your way up to sweet orgasm. When using the chocolate and stencils it got a little bit messy unfortunately. When cleaning up the left over chocolate, all it took was a little soap and water. Unfortunately, I threw the paint brush away due to the fact it was hard to clean, after letting it sit until we were done playing.


  • Liquid water based personal lubrication – This silky slide water based lube can be used for anything. Playing with a vibrator, masterbator, or even just a little wetness for gliding in and out in a pussy, or an ass. All you need is just a drop which can go a long way. It’s not runny like your typical lube, nor is it messy. If you need a little extra moisturizer then this is for you.


  • Mini massager – This little mini massager, has a one setting speed. It is not too loud or fast. It is a slow speed vibrator. I like this massage, due to the fact I like my orgasms slow and steady. I don’t like cumming to hard and fast.


  • I was very pleased with this kit. It had everything I was looking for and more. My partner and I had more fun than I count, which included many orgasms.
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