Fun Factory Yooo Massager Review

Fun Factory Yooo Massager Review
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Posted: 04-10-2012 11:51:53 AM
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  • Lucid Obsession reviews the Fun Factory Yooo Massager.  The innovative form of the three balls entices users to experiment. This unassuming toy can be used in any way your body can imagine, so let your mind run wild! With its brilliant design of three balls and 2 motors, plus a booster button for instant program selection, Yooo offers countless vibrations and surprisingly intense sensations.

  • I’ve had my FunFactory Yooo for a while now. FunWares asked if I wanted to review one and I said that I already had one. Since I purchased it on my own, I decided to review it for them and they kindly sent me some other goodies in exchange.

The Run Down:

  • Toy Type: Out-ie
  • Manufacturer: FunFactory
  • Includes: Yooo and charger
  • Materials: Silicone and ABS Plastic
  • Size: 3.5″ in total length; Just under 1.5″ in diameter to 1.75″ in diameter
  • Price: $77.95
  • Pros: Interesting shape; Nice size; Comes in fun colors; Fairly deep vibration; Very easy to clean; Waterproof; Rechargeable; Interesting vibration due to two motors; Can be used for massage
  • Cons: No storage bag; A bit louder than I would prefer; Silicone has a lot of drag and is a lint magnet
  • Intensity: 3.75/5
  • Volume: 3.5/5
  • Overall Rating: 3/5
  • Recommended: Yes


funfactory yoo The package


  • I’ve reviewed several FunFactory toys and there really isn’t much to say about the packaging anymore. The Yooo comes in the same scheme box and is situated in a plastic case inside the cardboard. You can clearly see the toy and all the controls and such. I think it may be a little less obvious what it is because the Yoo is so odd looking. The bottom of the package lists all the features.


  • The Yooo itself is definitely an odd shaped toy. It looks like a distorted water molecule or Mickey Mouse. Essentially it’s comprised of three different shaped balls. Overall, it’s about 3.5″ in total length. The smallest ball is just under 1.5″ in diameter, the medium is just over 1.5″ and the largest is about 1.75″ in diameter. The medium ball is connected to the largest on one side, while the smallest is on the other side. The medium and small balls are solid silicone while the large is mostly silicone and the bottom portion is ABS plastic which holds the control panel. The silicone is the same plush, soft, and matte silicone as other FunFactory toys. It is not the textured material like some of the newer toys, such as the Amor. I do find that it does tend to be a major lint magnet, so it does need to be washed before and after. Luckily, it’s completely waterproof so it’s really easy to clean. You can run it under the tap with soap, use toy cleaner or wipes, or bleach it. I would also recommend using a water-based lube and like all FunFactory toys, they include a sample of they’re toyfluid.
funfactory yooo The Yoo in my hand


  • As far as the vibrations go, they’re on par with other FunFactory toys. They’re a tad buzzier than some vibes (the JeJoue Mimi comes to mind), but deeper than most battery operated toys. There are also two motors in the two that give the vibrations a differnt feeling than toys with only one motor. I also find that it’s a bit louder than similar toys with only one motor. There is a motor in each ball, so the smaller ball does tend to have a slightly stronger vibration because it is not damped out by more silicone. The two motors do spin at the same time, but they can be just slightly off from each other which causes an extra vibration between them during the solid vibration. During the patterns use this to their advantage. Three of the patterns are essentially throwing the vibration from one ball to the next where as one ball is decreasing in speed the other increases and there are three levels of quickness that this happens. The last pattern the motors go back and forth between being in sync to being out of sync which increases the oscillating feeling between the two motors.


  • Using this toy can be a bit interesting. Neither end is long enough for any type of insertion, but you have two motors. There’s too large of a gap between the balls to put a motor on either side of the clit too. My favorite thing to do is to use one ball on my clit, while the other is resting on my labia. I tend to prefer the smaller ball against my clit, just because it fits better that way. The vibration is also very interesting because of the oscillating feeling between the motors. I haven’t really found any other toys that give the same feeling, but this is due to the fact that most toys only have one motor. It does also lend itself to other uses, such as massage. The two balls allow you to work spots like the neck and shoulders well. It can have a lot of drag though, so I would suggest using a water-based lube or wrapping the toy in plastic wrap if you want to use a silicone or oil-based massage product.


  • The controls are pretty much the same as most of the newer FunFactory line, so if you know that they work, please feel free to skip this section. There are three buttons, (+), (-), and (*). To turn the toy on, you press and hold the (+) button for a few seconds. The (+) and (-) buttons navigate through the speeds and the (-) will turn the toy off if it is on the lowest setting. Holding either the (+) or (-) buttons will shoot the toy up or down through the steady speeds. The one thing that annoys me a bit is that if you hold the (-) it will drop to the lowest speed, but you have to press it again to completely turn the toy off. (*) is the boost button and it will automatically jump the toy up a speed higher than the highest you reach through the (+). Just pressing the boost button quickly will hop it up and releasing returns it to the speed it was on and if you hold it for a few seconds it will stay at the highest speed until you press the boost button again. It’s hard to tell how many solid vibration patterns there are, but there are around 6. On the highest speed, if you press and hold the (+) it will move you into the patterns. There are four patterns and depending on the number of pattern you’re on, the lights around the controls will flash for that many times. You can cycle through the patterns with the (+) and the (-) will drop you out of the pattern mode, back to the highest level of vibration. In addition to the controls, the Yoo is rechargeable and uses the same click-n-charge system as others. If you have one charger, it will work for all the click-n-charge toys.


Overall, I wouldn’t say that the FunFactory Yooo is my favorite vibrator to use, but it’s one that I think I’ll keep around. It’s shape and vibration are interesting and it can be a good change of pace. I think it would be great if you’re looking for a quality unique toy.
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