Fun Factory UFO Review

Fun Factory UFO Review
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Posted: 09-17-2012 03:35:31 PM
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  • Kissinbluekaren reviews the Fun Factory UFO massager.  UFO unidentifiably awesome! With so many vibration levels and so many possible uses, its unique shape allows it to stimulate just about any part of the body with deep penetrating vibrations!









  • I got the Fun Factory UFO to review. Like the Fou this vibe is crazy looking. The shape of this vibe is that of a UFO.


  • Dimensions: 3.5″ diameter x 2″ height
  • Materials: Silicone and ABS Plastic


  • In the tradition of the Yooo and the Fou the Fun Factory UFO is bizarre in shape and offers lots of variety for uses with a bit of imagination. The silicone on the UFO is matte and has a bit of drag to it. It will pick up hair and lint but gets slick with a bit of water-based lubrication. It has a rounded shape with flexible band of silicone surrounding it. The Silicone has a bit of give to it. This toy is rounded off and has no edges for pin-point stimulation.












  • The Fun Factory UFO has three buttons, a (+) and a (-) to turn it on and off and the vibration up or down. It also has a (*) button that controls the 3 vibration patterns. The UFO has 5 levels of vibrations. On the first two levels the silicone band barely moves. The silicone absorbs the vibrations very effectively. This vibe is not strong on the band even at the highest level. The bottom of the vibe is rounded off and doesn’t do much better to transmit the vibrations. The UFO motor sits right under the plastic cap and, unless direct pressure is applied to the cap itself, it vibrates against it. The UFO is loud and it’s vibrations are unimpressive.












  • The UFO is completely waterproof. You could take this into the tub or shower. I found the massage qualities of this vibe to be rather disappointing. It seems that whatever rotating motor is within the UFO is small and not powerful enough to overcome the silicone it is encased in.


  • The UFO features the “magic touch” feature found in the Yooo and the Fou. The buttons light up whenever the UFO is handled to let me know the battery is still good. The charger for the UFO comes seperatly packaged and is the standard click n’ charge that all rechargeable Fun Factory use. Fun Factory uses a magnetic charger that keeps the toy closed and waterproof. The logo on the charger lights up when it is charging. The first charge needs to be for at least 8 hours before the first use.





















  • Placing it flat over my clitoris was a bit difficult. The best I could do was to turn it on it’s end to hit my clitoris. I tried to use it for massage, but Miguel was unimpressed by the strength. When I applied the rounded end to his perineum he said it felt good but the size of this vibe meant it hit his scrotum, he did not like that. It was kinda nice for nipple play. Honestly, the volume was too much for me to use this vibe on a regular basis.


  • It is really cool looking…











  • It comes with the nice new packaging which includes some care/warnings and a sample of lube, almost identical to the Fou…

















  • The satin and sheer pouches are a nice touch. I am loving that Fun Factory is finally sending out their toys with storage pouches. I am not loving this toy though. I imagine this is the same motor that is found inside the Fou, which I actually liked and use often, despite the volume. So what gives? The shape fit comfortably in the palm of my hand but it just wasn’t strong enough. The weak vibrations coupled with the volume means this toy will see very little action in my collection.
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