Extase La Metropole Mini Massager Review

Extase La Metropole Mini Massager Review
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Posted: 05-03-2012 10:51:24 AM
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  • Miss Kay reviews the Extase La Metropole Mini Massager. Extase (which in French means “a state of joy and excitement”). Elegant and petite in design, this fantastic little whisper quiet massager has 5 functions and speeds.

Extase La Metropole Mini Massager Extase La Metropole Mini Massager in my hand


  • The Extase La Metropole Mini Massager is a small, plastic massager. It comes in multiple color choices, and it features a single push-button control. It uses a single AA battery for use, and it’s about four inches in length along with a diameter of slightly under an inch. It’s made of both ABS plastic as well as aluminum alloy.


  • The packaging for the La Metropole vibrator is pretty basic. The massager comes in the sturdy box which clearly shows the sex toy and its features on the front. Inside the box, it has a foam tray that the vibrator sits in, and under that, there’s all of the accessories for the sex toy. It comes with a guide about the toy, a guide of all Extase toys, and a storage pouch for the vibrator. The pouch is well-made, and it’s actually looking like it’s going to last for a long time, and I’m impressed by it.


  • The La Metropole vibrator was designed to be extremely simple. It’s a single push-button vibrator that uses the buttons to cycle through the five different functions of vibrations. Both pieces fit together really simply, and it’s only about the size of a finger. This is not a vibrator that has a ton of special features, but it is one that you can easily use without having to read the instruction manual. The design is purely around the colored part (of which multiple colors are available) while the white part of the sex toy has no design. The white, plastic part does have a slight curve to it, but due to the short length of this vibrator, it really does not seem to have been intended as a g-spot vibrator.


Extase La Metropole Mini Massager The Extase La Metropole Mini Massager on its side


  • This Extase vibrator takes one AA batteries for use. The battery compartment for the La Metropole vibrator is inside of the vibrator. You just have to twist apart the sex toy (it comes apart where the metallic part is), and inside of that, you’ll be able to insert the single AA battery. The vibrator easily seals back together when the vibrator’s battery has been inserted. According to the packaging, one battery should last about four hours of use.


  • The vibrations with the Extase La Metropole vibrator are definitely on the weak side. They are weaker than most vibrators and not quite what I’d consider “moderate”. The vibrations will probably only be a tease and not enough for orgasm unless you’re very sensitive to vibrations. The vibrations are not the loudest, but they are a bit louder than I was expecting from this vibrator. You can hear it in the same room, but it can’t be heard outside of a closed bedroom door. The buzzing isn’t enough to be distracting when with a partner though.


Extase La Metropole Mini Massager The bottom of the vibrator to show the control button


  • When using this vibrator, the best use appears to be as a “helper” with a partner or during intercourse. I wouldn’t recommend this as a stand-alone orgasm bringer, but if you want something to continue stimulation (while intending to use something else for the orgasm itself), this one does work just because of the long battery life as well as the small size. We haven’t tried this idea ourselves, but I imagine this being something you could use instead of a Hitachi during intercourse to continue stimulation (as a Hitachi is huge between two bodies) but intending on switching to the Hitachi for orgasm itself. That’s the main use I think most will find for the La Metropole, and I don’t think most women will find that this works as a stand-alone orgasm-bringer.


Extase La Metropole Mini Massager The packaging for the Extase La Metropole Mini Massager


  • Cleaning the La Metropole vibrator is pretty simple. As it’s splashproof, you don’t have to be too careful around it while cleaning it, but some extra caution is always appreciated. You can use warm water and antibacterial soap to clean the sex toy, and due to the small design, it easily slides into a condom if you’d like to use it with multiple partners. For storage, as it’s plastic, it’ll easily fit whereever you want to slip it.


  • Overall, I’m not too fond of the Extase La Metropole. The design, while sleek and beautiful, just doesn’t translate to strong vibrations or quiet vibrations. It really wouldn’t even work as a teasing vibrator for me. However, if you enjoy the softer vibrations or need a slim vibrator that fits well between partners for use, the Extase La Metropole could work for that. However, I’d still recommend looking at something like We-Vibe Salsa instead.
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Anne08-01-2012 12:51:46 AM
It will vary from woman to woman. You need to stimulate your clrtiios with it, you may start to feel a strange sensation down there, then it will feel like a release. You may feel light headed and you may feel your muscles down there spasming. As for the speed, whatever you feel comfortable with. As for time, I know it varies for me, anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Good luck!

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