1.5″ Cyberskin Extension Review

1.53 Cyberskin Extension Review
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Posted: 02-17-2012 01:38:12 PM
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  • Jnuts and Belle tell us about their experience with the 1.5″ Cyberskin Extension.  CyberSkin material is created to feel exactly like real skin - so real, in fact, that you may not be able to tell where your penis ends and the 1 ½" CyberSkin penis extension begins. The Virtual Touch texture completes your package by adding realistic details, such as veins and tip for added pleasure.

  • Funwares is making sure that we keep Jnuts chaste, this time sending us the 1.5″ Cyberskin Extension to review. This extension fits over your cock, with the additional 1.5″ extension being located at the end (head) of the toy. Sounds simple and effective enough, but we knew not to get our hopes up after the last extension failure that we had.



























  • Packaging is fairly basic, a cardboard box with the extension visible through a plastic window on one side, and a scantily clad woman on the other. There is also a set of lips made of the cyberskin material that you can stick your finger on, so if you were buying this in a retail store you would be able to feel the material. I chose to do the adult thing with them and chased Jnuts around the kitchen making kissing noises, but I am sure that was not the intended purpose :). Also included with the extension is a 1 oz bottle of ClimaxH2O, (a waterbased lube) as well as a .33oz bottle of CyberSkin Renew. A few drops of the Renew is suggested prior to storage to keep your Cyberskin product at tip-top shape.


























  • What I liked best about this product is that you cut it to fit you, pretty much guaranteeing that the 1.5″ Cyberskin Extension will work for you. After cutting off as much as was necessary for a good fit (probably a little less than an inch) we were good to go. With a water based lube the extension slid in very easy, and the Cyberskin warmed quickly to my body temperature. I like this much better than the silicone ones we have used, it feels more like his actual cock. The fact that there was no harness was also a plus for me. It increased the level of intimacy for me and allowed me to focus on him and the cock inside me, not the straps or material rubbing against me.


























  • There was a very natural feel to this, and I would highly recommend it to someone looking to increase their length. I am not sure it would work for someone who is unable to obtain or maintain an erection, as the extension slides directly onto the penis and grips the penis to hold it in place.


  • It is recommended to wash the 1.5″ Cyberskin Extension with an anti-bacterial liquid soap and pat dry. Store in a sealed plastic bag with a few drops of Renew to keep the extension at its best.


  • Thanks again Funwares, you help keep things interesting!


Jnuts’ Thoughts

  • I only had to cut off 1/2 inch thank you very much!


  • I liked this extension. Unlike the Perfect Marital Aid, you can feel some sensation when wearing it. I don’t think it is enough to get off, but it is enough feedback to know what is going on down there.


  • It stayed in place the entire time which surprised me.


  • All in all, a decent product.
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